Captain's Club at Woodfield Golf

Raymond Floyd Signature Design

Champion Raymond Floyd and his award-winning Design Team are responsible for the Captain’s Club at Woodfield’s layout and renovation. The following was borrowed from RayFloyd.com, and we urge everyone to visit and learn more about this remarkable man, his achievements and his vision. It’s his personal touch that makes the Captain’s Club at Woodfield the best golf course in Michigan.

The personal commitment of Raymond Floyd to his design projects is from start to finish. He is personally involved in every aspect of the design and construction process, and places a high priority on the architect – client relationship. Mr. Floyd likes to work with the land as the project evolves, and that requires a hand-on approach in the design and construction phases.

Throughout his playing career, Raymond Floyd has studied the great golf courses of the world. His extensive travels, masterful shot-making and superior strategic skills provide Raymond with a vast and voluminous knowledge of the qualities that make great golf courses. Raymond draws on these experiences to create golf courses with all the benefits of modern golf course architecture but with a focus on traditional philosophies.

The result of this design philosophy, are golf courses that appeal to all who play them. Whether one prefers older, more traditional golf courses or newer, more innovative designs, a Raymond Floyd designed golf course uses elements of both philosophies in crafting truly unique and original designs. Further, Raymond believes that the ultimate goal is not just to create quality golf courses, but also to create value for the client. Raymond’s image is one of integrity, intensity and excellence.

"I decided to find out how good I can be, and it made a huge difference"
- Ray Floyd

Rates & Fees

We are proud to offer DYNAMIC PRICING to guests booking tee times on our website and by calling the golf shop. DYNAMIC PRICING eliminates a standing green fee and replaces it with a golf rate that changes based on current demand. This model allows golfers to find a rate that works best for them rather than being bound to a single, static rate. Book here or call the clubhouse at (810) 695-4653 for more details!

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